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There is a grounded current of energy that runs through Pearson’s music and connects with her audience. It feels like bare feet planted on an old hardwood floor. It smells like fields of heather on a foggy day.  


Her love for storytelling, drawing on folk, outlaw country, and Celtic traditions, is evident in her songwriting. The stories she tells are like lovingly-sewn patchwork quilts, stitched together by soul-stirring melodies and gorgeous modern folk-country arrangements. They are the quilts you spread out under the stars, and the ones you wrap yourself in all winter long. These stories, with their frayed edges, become more beautiful the longer you sit with them.


In 2021, Pearson received the Folk Music Ontario ‘Songs from the Heart’ award for her song Ready My Heart. She was also selected for Global Music Match, a program created to connect artists internationally on social media platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jessica Pearson & the East Wind was also nominated for ‘Group of the Year’ at the 2021 Capital Music Awards. Pearson’s forthcoming album has been nominated for ‘Album of the Year’ at the 2022 Faces Ottawa Awards.


Her long-awaited debut album On The Line was released January, 2022 through Willow Sound Records, to a sold out crowd with her follow up single "Row" reaching top 100 on the Canadian Indie Country Countdown.

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Like the yellow morning sun inviting fields of sunflowers to turn toward her, Jessica naturally draws her listeners in. Whether you are at a live show or enjoying her musical offerings through your bluetooth speaker, you are sure to feel the sunny warmth she so effortlessly conveys. 

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